Too Far to Walk It

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Heroic Face

As primarily a watercolorist, my favorite subjects to paint are portraits that tell a story, whether it is the hardship in an old weathered face or an arrogant rooster strutting his stuff.  I focus on the beauty, color and humor within ordinary everyday routines and paint from that.  Over the years I have come to embrace a good sense of humor which has stood well for me when intelligent conversation lets me down.  Though mostly self taught (my mistakes are my own), I have been influenced by artist/teachers and fellow artist friends.  A frequent source of inspiration for my paintings are Eudora Welty’s depression era photographs of the South, which I have been so graciously granted permission to paint from by her foundation.

I have been both blessed and cursed by a wonderful life of travel, dividing my time each year between central Mississippi and northern California for the past 26 years.  Driving across this diverse land four to six times a year, I have gained a vivid perspective of the many types of people that make up our country and an appreciation for the landscapes that they call home.  I am a product of this diversity with strong southern roots in the ground and western leaves blowin’ in the wind.

It’s All About Me

Saturday on the Square

The Conch Seller

Music Education

Mom and Sophie

Irene  at 3 for Her 80th Birthday

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